Sufism in Sindh

Shah Shaheed transcended all human barriers. He reached heights of spirituality and fanaiyat in his life time. It is in recognition of his mysticism that thousands throng his shrine-Muslims or non Muslims, rich or poor. Together they sit on straw mats on the floor and eat and drink from the same vessels in true sufi tradition. Every 17th of lunar month there is a samaa (a form of meditation among the sufis of major tradition) at the dargah, and every year followers come from all over the world to attend the 'urs' held from the 16th to the 19th of Safar.


The word sufi is derived from the term sahafa. In the times of the Holy Prophet Hazrat Mohammed (peace be upon Him), the message of Islam was spreading far and wide by missionaries and conquests. The sahafa was one band of men who were totally devoted to prayer and meditation. Worship and search for spiritual perfection was their only aim. Over the centuries the sahafa became those holy men who are now called sufis.