General Instructions and Etiquette to pilgrimate Dargah.

  1. One should go "ba vizoo" to the Dargah
  2. On the way, it is better to chant Durood Sharif or zikr to one self.
  3. Unless there is a hindrance or handicap , it is imperative to walk to dargah.
  4. It is strictly forbidden to go if one is not clean.
  5. Pregnant women are not allowed to visit the dargah.
  6. Before entering , it is better to drink some water from the “urn”.
  7. It is forbidden to kiss or touch the site where Shah Shaheed’s head was placed after Shahadad , across the Roza Sahrif.
  8. Ring the outside bell before entering Roza Sahrif.
  9. Kiss the “chaunt”(threshold) before entering the Roza.
  10. It is strictly forbidden to touch or kiss any mazar during ‘ziarat’.
  11. It is permissible to kiss the wooden railing during zairat.
  12. To pray one must sit at the “sirandi” of mazar of Shah Shaheed and recite following suras and then one can asks for whatever ones wants.
    1. Sura ‘Ikhlas’ nine times
    2. Sura ‘Fatiha’ and then any prayers
  13. Those who do not know the above mentioned suras should try to learn them, till that time they can recite a tasbeeh(which means 100count) of “Subahn Allah” and “Alhamdullilah” and then the prayer. After the prayer one should exit from the ‘sirandi’ side into ‘viranda’
  14. Exit outside from the right side door of ‘viranda’ and circle around the dargah, similarly chanting zikr walk towards the ‘Choukhandi Sharif’ .
  15. When entering the Choukhndi following should be kept in mind:
    1. start circling around the right side mazars from the ‘parandi’ towards ‘sirandi’(from feet towards the head side of the mazars). Sit by Sufi Shah Qalander Data Pir’s mazar , recite “khatma” and then say your desired Prayers.
    2. Now proceed towards the mazars on left side ,similarly circle around the mazrs (starting from feet side(parandi) coming around to head side(sirandi) of Khawaja Abdul Sattar. Say your ‘khatma prayers’
    3. After completing the zairat of Choukhndi ,outside at Sufi Haider Bakhs mazar recite ‘khatma’ and then say dowaa and then on side of Sufi Mohammed Waris mazar do the same sitting or standing. Note: you can say dowaa from outside of the two mazars.
    4. Inside the choukhndi Sharif of Sufi Abdul Sattar Shah Sani ,one should sit by sirandi and without touching the mazars , recite ‘khatma’ and then the desired dowaa.
    5. When you go in the small masjid for zairat of Sufi Abdul Sattar Shah Sani perform farz namaz if its time for any otherwise must say two rakats nafil namaz.
    6. For zairat take as least amount of time as possible

Additional Instructions

  1. Be consistent in roza and namaz.
  2. Do not be too informal with the Sujjada Nashin, walk a few steps behind him, when you are walking along.
  3. In kachari after paying respect to Sahib Karim , be seated at your place.
  4. During kachari just say greeting “HAQ MAUJOOD” to each other and be seated.
  5. Once you hear the bell announcing the ‘Samah’ raag, leave everything and gather at ‘Qasr-e-Qalander’ to wait for Sahib Karim.
  6. Do not indulge in chatter and greetings going to and from the Samah raag.
  7. Make sure you are indulge in zikr throughout the raag.
  8. Sufi Shah Qalander Data Pir has saying “ The breath that is negligent of zikr is the breath infidelity” should not forget these saying “Those who forget , will be forgotten”.
  9. After midnite do not forget to recite 10 verses 10 light saying.